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~ Coming Soon! ~

Join us for a volunteer day at Edensong, a rescue facility for New Guinea Singing
Dogs, located in North Carolina. More details will be posted soon!

The New Guinea Singing Dog Conservation Society is diligent in identifying the appropriate homes for New Guinea Singing Dogs, whether pups, older singers, or rescues. There are numerous factors that are addressed with potential singer owners. These include, for example, a full understanding of the challenges of owning a Singer, the presence of other pets and young children in the home, and the ability to provide appropriate safety to avoid escapes. Those chosen are provided with ongoing support and are aware that in the event the owner cannot keep the Singer, the NGSDCS will gladly take back the Singer and rehome it.

Unfortunately, there are breeders, pet stores, and sellers of exotic pets that do not educate the person buying a Singer under these circumstances. Needless to say, these owners are in for an often dismaying experience. Some may adjust and be diligent in acquiring the knowledge to safely and enjoyably home a singer. Sadly, some are not aware and overwhelmed with what that adorable singer puppy has grown into! These are the Singers that often wind up in shelters, where if the shelter staff realize what they have (NGSD), they will contact the NGSDCS and our tireless Director of Rescue will organize a rescue and rehoming.

Realizing this ongoing (and growing) problem, the NGSDCS is working on educating unaffiliated breeders and pet stores of the need to educate potential owners, through communication and educational handouts that they can share with potential buyers.

We often receive requests for puppies or rescues and people may be taken aback by our ‘interrogation’ of prospective owners. Realize that this is to ensure that any Singers we place will be loved, understood, happy and safe. Singers are unlike domestic dogs in many ways and prospective owners need to be fully aware of this!

For information about available rescues and an application to adopt, please contact us.

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