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The New Guinea Singing Dog Conservation Society

501(c)(3), 3/03/2001, Tax exempt, non-profit

Interested in sharing your life with a New Guinea Singing Dog?

We hear there are little howls in our future! Because of all your hard work, we will be looking for great prospects to share their lives with a Singer! To be part of this great community, reach out to us and fill out this adoption form.

Welcome to The New Guinea Singing Dog Conservation Society.  We offer the most comprehensive information about New Guinea Singing Dogs and our Conservation Society’s work.

Conservation through Education

The New Guinea Singing Dog (NGSD) or “Singer” is a free-roaming dog originally found in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Today New Guinea Singing Dogs live as free-roaming and village dogs in PNG, residents at facilities in a variety of countries, and as beloved Cainecompanions in private homes where they can thrive and do well with proper socialization and care.


To promote the health and well-being of New Guinea Singing Dogs, through public and scientific awareness, and advance their conservation in cooperation with the people in Papua New Guinea.

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