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About Us

About Us

Our organization was founded in 1996. It was then established as a Section 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization in 2001 formed for the following purpose:

To promote the health and well-being of New Guinea Singing Dogs, through public and scientific awareness, and advance their conservation in cooperation with the people in Papua New Guinea.

How are we implementing this mission today?

  • Collaborations with Papua New Guinea Focusing on the Human and Canine Bond

    • To establish relationships with the indigenous peoples of New Guinea.

    • To establish partnerships with scientists and researchers with an interest in both New Guinea Singing Dogs and their relationships with the people.

    • To study habitat, diet, family groups, social behaviors, and human-canine relationships, as observed by local populations, using a respectful “In Situ model”.

    • Coordinate the importation of urgently needed genetically diverse New Guinea Singing Dogs and/or their genetic material.

  • Public Awareness Surrounding New Guinea Singing Dogs

    • Create updated educational materials to inform the general public about New Guinea Singing Dogs, including similarities and differences from other dog breeds, what to expect from living with a Singer, training, diet, health, and more.

    • Update and republish a New Guinea Singing Dog manual to reflect the most recent literature and modern contexts.

  • Responsible Development and Support of the New Guinea Singing Dog Population in North America

    • Collaborate with organizations with interests in maintaining a healthy population of New Guinea Singing Dogs in North America.

    • Develop and share updated educational materials for potential owners, highlighting the uniqueness of these talented and intelligent creatures.

    • Partner with veterinarians, researchers, and subject matter experts, to assist in the development of a breeding and diversity plan to maintain a healthy genetically diverse population of dogs in North America.

    • Create a fund to cover the cost of responsible spaying/neutering of dogs unsuitable for breeding.

    • Partner with organizations, veterinarians, and researchers to conduct retrospective health studies of New Guinea Singing Dogs, including anesthesia sensitivity, pancreatitis, and other health concerns.

    • Support partner organizations in locating foster homes and adopters for dogs needing rehoming.

    • Continue to maintain a database of owners and facilities who want to share their lives with a New Guinea Singing Dog.

  • The History and Science of New Guinea Singing Dogs

    • Collect and publish histories, stories, and legends about New Guinea Singing Dogs from the people of New Guinea.

    • Review and share the most up-to-date peer-reviewed research and literature regarding New Guinea Singing Dogs.

    • Review and share the history of New Guinea Singing Dogs from their arrival in North America to today, and our hopes for the future.

  • News and Statements

    • In the future, look for press releases with salient information that comes to light regarding New Guinea Singing Dogs, especially in regard to public and scientific discourse, updates on classification-related matters, and any issues that we think will impact our dogs and their people.

NGSDCS Board of Directors





Mindy Liebau


Tracy Rehmel


Seb Be


Shannon Hiltner

Robby Bricker Voyles (on sabbatical)

Meet the NGSDCS Founder

Janice Koler-Matznick, MS, ACAAB founded the New Guinea Singing Dog

Conservation Society (NGSDCS) in 1993, working to establish it as a 501c3

non-profit in 1995. Janice developed the hypothesis that the dog (*Canis

familiaris* L.) was not descended from the gray wolf (*Canis lupus*L) as most

believed, but from a naturally evolved ancestral dog that was smaller than any

wolf. Her formal education concentrated in organismic biology and animal


Janice has extensive hands-on experience with canids, as a trainer, breeder,

exhibitor, and associate certified behaviorist. In 1995, she began to maintain the

Singer stud book, started by I. Lehr Brisbin, Ph.D. She has written extensively

about New Guinea Singing Dogs with several books and other publications to her credit.

For twenty years, Janice has corresponded with citizens of Papua New Guinea trying to work toward protection for the Singers. As far as the future of our beloved dogs are concerned, Janice says:

“There is so much more to learn about the Singers, their physiology, the illnesses that are

becoming more common, and their range and behavior in the wild. I know there are scores of pet

Singer owners in North America and my hope is they will cooperate with the Society to secure

the future of these remarkable dogs by participating in information gathering and donating to


Selected Publications:

J. Koler-Matznick, et al. 2003. An updated description of the New Guinea Singing Dog (*Canis

hallstromi* Troughton 1957). Pp. 109-118 in The London Journal of Mammalogy.

J. Koler -Matznick, et Al. 2007 The New Guinea Singing Dog: it's status and scientific

importance. Pp. 47-56 in Australian Mammalogy 29.

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