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Advocating for NGSDs

Our Commitment to Awareness, Collaboration, and Community Empowerment

At the New Guinea Singing Dog Conservation Society, we are dedicated to advocating for policies and practices that preserve New Guinea Singing Dogs (NGSDs) and protect their welfare and well-being. As the leading authority on NGSD conservation, we take a firm yet collaborative approach to advocacy, engaging with government agencies, news media, and international partners to promote responsible stewardship of this ancient lineage of dogs.

Our Advocacy and Awareness Resources:

We are the first and longest running New Guinea Singing Dog organization in North America, operated by a team of scientists and experts with extensive combined knowledge of NGSDs. We are happy to provide resources or comment for any NGSD related work or policy.

Facts Sheets:

Our fact sheets provide a comprehensive overview of NGSD biology, behavior, and cultural significance, debunking common misconceptions and shedding light on the true nature of these remarkable dogs.

Position Statements:

We provide position statements on key issues related to NGSD ownership, welfare, and preservation, grounded in scientific evidence and ethical considerations.

Press Releases:

We issue timely and informative press releases to raise awareness about NGSD related science, preservation efforts, highlight important milestones, and respond to emerging challenges or news stories.


We frequently advise and work with many local and government agencies regarding New Guinea Singing Dogs. We are happy to collaborate on projects, initiatives, or policies.

Subject Matter Expertise:

We are happy to offer our expertise as subject matter experts on NGSDs to government agencies, news media, and other stakeholders, providing accurate evidence-based information and guidance on strategies and best practices regarding these dogs.


Our Approach to International Conservation:

Our approach recognizes the interconnectedness of human and animal welfare and seeks to achieve conservation goals in a manner that is ethical, sustainable, respectful and inclusive.

Collaboration and Partnerships:

We prioritize collaborative partnerships with international conservation organizations, local communities, and indigenous groups in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. By working together, we can leverage collective expertise and resources to achieve meaningful conservation outcomes.

Community Empowerment:

 We believe in empowering local communities to take ownership of NGSD conservation efforts. Our approach includes capacity building, inclusive decision-making processes, and respect for legal and land rights.

Respect for Indigenous Knowledge:

We recognize and respect the traditional knowledge and stewardship practices of indigenous communities in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. By integrating indigenous perspectives into conservation planning, we ensure more effective and sustainable outcomes for NGSDs and their habitats.

Welfare and Ethics First:

We hold the welfare for animals and humans at the highest priority of any collaboration, partnership, or project. We adhere to ethical standards and principles in all aspects of our conservation work, including research, advocacy, and outreach. This includes respecting the rights and dignity of all human and animal individuals, and promoting equity in conservation efforts.

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